Approaches of “Partnership for Open Society” Initiative Regarding COMPREHENSIVE AND EXTENDED PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT To Be Signed between the European Union and the Republic of Armenia

Highlighting the importance of establishment and strengthening of public trust towards the activity of the state, as well as the European Union, “Partnership for Open Society” Initiative (hereinafter Partnership) welcomes the publication of the text of the Agreement.

The Partnership:

  • Highlights the importance of the publication of the text of the Agreement as a first necessary step for ensuring accountability, public and transparent activity, and expresses a hope that after signing the agreement this principle will be consistently kept during the entire period of implementation of the provisions of the Agreement.
  • Considers the publication of the text of the Agreement as a crucial prerequisite for public awareness and establishment of public demand with regards to the implementation of the provisions of the Agreement.
  • Values the bilateral commitment in the Agreement to foster development of cooperation in freedom, security and justice-related fields.
  • Considers the emphasis on human rights and fundamental freedoms, consolidation of the rule of law, fight against corruption as important landmarks highlighted in the Agreement.
  • Expects that the parties will make adequate efforts in order to bring the text of the Agreement to life.
  • Highly appreciates the willingness of the Agreement parties to establish a dialogue and cooperation with the civil society as an indispensable part of the Agreement to be signed between the European Union and the Republic of Armenia.
  • Is willing to use its experience, capabilities in the establishment and activity of the Civil Society Platform envisaged by the Agreement as a platform for civil society participation in the implementation of the Agreement.

Based on both positive and negative experience of the civil society in establishing cooperation with international and national state institutes, its success and failures, “Partnership for Open Society” Initiative expects that the Civil Society Platform will not have a merely formal nature, but a real and substantial participation in the process of implementation of the Agreement.

Based on the aforementioned, the Partnership states that:

  • It will make every effort in the organization of public awareness-raising campaigns regarding the content and provisions of the Agreement, and dissemination of information regarding the topics of the Agreement among the public,
  • Expects substantial, professional level of attendance and participation by the representatives of the state and the EU Delegation in public awareness-raising events related to different thematic topics of the Agreement.

Helsinki Committee of Armenia Human Rights Defender NGO

Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly–Vanadzor

Protection of Rights without Borders NGO

Union of Informed Citizens NGO

Analytical Centre on Globalization and Regional Cooperation

Open Society Foundations-Armenia

Collaboration for Democracy Centre

Committee to Protect Freedom of Expression

Public Information and Need of Knowledge NGO (PINK-Armenia)

Journalists’ Club “Asparez”

Ijevan Civic Youth Center

Artashat Civic Youth Center

Yeghegnadzor Civic Youth Center

Gavar Civic Youth Center

Hrazdan Civic Youth Center

New Generation Humanitarian NGO

Transparency International Anti-Corruption Center

Peace Dialogue NGO

Fund against Violations of Law NGO

Women’s Support Center

Public Journalism Club

Arevamanuk Foundation

Ecolur Informational NGO

“Sose Women’s Issues” NGO

“Agate” center for women with special needs NGO

Caucasus Research Resource Center-Armenia

Karen Tumanyan, Attorney


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