Statement on the Azerbaijani offensive against Artsakh

On September 27, 2020, the dictatorial regime of Azerbaijan launched a large-scale attack along the entire line of contact of Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh) using heavy artillery, tanks, aircraft and missiles.

Towns and villages in Artsakh are being bombed, including the capital city of Stepanakert, as well as the border of Armenia in the direction of the town of Vardenis. Azerbaijan specifically targets the civilian population in gross violation of international humanitarian law and with absolute disregard for the call by the UN Secretary General for a worldwide ceasefire given the COVID-19 pandemic.

There are already over a hundred wounded and over a dozen people were killed among the military and civilian population in Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh), including at least one child.

This attack is unprecedented in the size and scope of the military arsenal engaged. There is clear evidence that it was prepared in advance and with the apparent support of the Turkish regime.

We believe that if the international community does not react in a timely and appropriate manner, the military operations may expand beyond the conflict zone, resulting in serious atrocities and a humanitarian crisis in the region, exacerbated by the situation related to the coronavirus outbreak.

We are determined to support all efforts to address the challenges to human rights, peace, and security in the region.

The Armenian civil society strongly condemns the aggression by the Azerbaijani regime and appeals to the international community, international organizations – the UN, the Council of Europe, the European Union, the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs – to take urgent and effective measures to end the Azerbaijani regime aggression and to resume negotiations for peaceful resolution of the conflict.

Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly-Vanadzor

Union of Informed Citizens

Transparency International Anti-Corruption Center

Journalists’ Club Asparez

Open Society Foundations – Armenia

Youth Avangard NGO

“Cinemart” youth NGO

For Equal Rights NGO

Centre for Community Mobilization and Support

Hye Dzmer Pap (HaySanta) Charitable Foundation

Pink human rights defender NGO

Helsinki Association for Human Rights NGO

Veles Human Rights NGO

Women’s Rights House

Protection of Rights without Borders NGO

Public Journalism Club

The Armenian Institute of International and Security Affairs (AIISA)

Armenian Progressive Youth NGO

New Generation Humanitarian NGO

Peace Dialogue NGO

Colorful House social-cultural and human right NGO

Armenian Youth League NGO

Human rights power NGO

,, Tatevik,, NGO

Spitak Helsinki Group human rights NGO

Women support center NGO

Young Tavush NGO

Child and Family Development Center Charitable NGO

Armenian Association of Social Workers

Resource Center for Women’s Empowerment NGO

Martuni Wonen’ s Community Counsil NGO

Consumers Support Center NGO

Regional Monitoring @ Evaluation Center NGO

OxYGen Foundation

Sose Women’s Issues NGO

Shams Humanitarian NGO

Martuni Community Development Center NGO

‘You are not alone” womens support NGO

“Centre of Economic Right” NGO


Women’s Resource Center

Dalma-Sona Fund

NGO Centre of Economic Right

Mission Aid and Development NGO

Road Traffic Safety and Control

Safe traffic

Tumanyan Law Firm

“Khazer” Ecological and Cultural NGO

The Urban Foundation for Sustainable Development

Human Rights Research Center

“Disability-Inclusive Development” NGO

“Poqrik Ishkhan” Educational Complex

Center for Rights Development NGO

Civic Development and Partnership Foundation

Golden Apricot Cinema Development Foundation

Step Forward Social NGO

“Public Awareness and Monitoring Centre”

Non-discrimination and Equality Coalition

Social Justice NGO

Source foundation

“Pathway to” Cultural Charity NGO

Consumers’ Consulting Center NGO

Health Policy and Innovation Center NGO

Real World, Real People NGO

“DiverCity” Social-Cultural, Humanitarian NGO

Women’s Empowerment Center NGO

Unison NGO

Driver’s friend

LAMP foundation

‘Artsvabuyn Zeytun” compatriotic union n.g.o.

EcoLur Informational NGO

“CPI” Armenian Centre

Europe in Law Association

”We can” Non -Gavernemental Organization  for the protection of rights for youth and children with intellectual disabilities and their family members.

Astghatsolk NGO

“Armenian Forests” NGO

The Voice of Silence

“Goy” Environmental-Legal NGO

“Yanus” Legal NGO

“Local Democracy Agency” foundation

Full Life NGO

“Association of Audio-Visual Reporters” NGO

Skarp Inclusive Health Center NGO

Family&Community NGO

Society Without Violence

Work and Motherland Regional Development NGO

Law development and protection foundation

Information Systems Development and Training Center

Armavir Development Center

Freedom of Information Center

“Huysi Metsamor”ngo


National Center of Public Policy Research NGO

<<Women’s Forum>>NGO

“BLEJAN” environmental, social, business support NGO

Satar NGO

“Astghik”  Disabled Children’s Parents’ Association, NGO

PRKUTYUN center of disabled children and young people

World Vision Armenia

Women’s Rights Center NGO

PRKUTYU center of disabled children and young peopleRKUTYUN

Women’s Rights Center NGO


Country Water Partnership

Freedom of Media and Speech Civil Society Development NGO

“Partnership and Teaching” NGO

“Community and Youth” youth, consulting NGO

“Shirak Teachers’ Union” scientific-educational center

Analytical Centre on Globalization and Regional Cooperation

Youth for Ararat civic-educational NGO

International Center for Human Development

NGO “ECOTEAM – Energy and Environment consulting”

“Angel “Social Educational and Cultural Non-Governmental Organization

“Women in Black, Armenia” PeaceBuilding Initiative

“Direct democracy” NGO

Centre for Policy Studies

Coalition to Stop Violence against Women

Association of Women with University Education

“Agate” Rights Defense Center for Women with Disabilities NGO

Mayri NGO center for curative education and social therapy

“Bari mama” NGO

Influential Citizen NGO

Doctor Cinema Youth NGO

World Independent Youth Union NGO

Armenian Young Women’s Association, Women Entrepreneurs Network of Armenia

Ayb Educational Foundation

“Arevamanuk” Psycho-Social Support Foundation

“Armenian Open Society” youth NGO

Yerevan My Love Foundation

Frontline Youth Network

Social Justice NGO

Political Dialogue NGO

Gyumri “Youth Initiative Centre” NGO


“Free Citizen” Civic Initiatives Support Center

“Biosophia” Healthcare, Environment, and Agriculture Development Center

Drug Utilization Research Group PO



Association of HealthCare and Assistance to Older People

Armenian Association of Geriatrics and Gerontology NGO

Movement of Farmers NGO

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