Armenia’s foreign relations in one interactive map: A new project by Union of Informed Citizens

The Union of Informed Citizens has prepared a special interactive map with the aim of promoting the coverage of Armenia’s foreign policy and raising public awareness about our country’s foreign policy.

The map shows the countries of the world with brief information about their relations with Armenia. In particular, the map contains data on the date of establishment of diplomatic relations with Armenia, diplomatic missions, trade turnover with Armenia, number of bilateral documents, population of that country, GDP and democracy index.

As mentioned above, the map is interactive. When you click on each country, a window opens, where the relevant information can be found. The map is intended for both the general public and journalists, who can use the information to prepare media content on Armenia’s relations with respective countries.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Armenia has served as the main source for the information. In addition, the World Bank and Freedom House were used as sources of information for the data on the GDP and Democracy Index, respectively.

It should be noted that the database in the map will be expanded and continuously updated in the near future, incorporating data on other areas as well.

Union of Informed Citizens

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