75% of OSCE/ODIHR Recommendations Are Out of Draft Electoral Code

As is known, OSCE/ODIHR published its final report on the Constitutional amendments referendum on February 5 of this year. Among other provisions, the report contains a number of recommendations aimed at improving the RA election administration. “Union of Informed Citizens” NGO decided to investigate which of the recommendations were included in the Draft Electoral Code published on March 2.

Out of the 16 OSCE/ODIHR recommendations related to the Electoral Code, only two were included completely, and two of them were satisfied partially. Twelve of the recommendations (i.e. 75%) were not included in the Draft Electoral Code at all.

The recommendations ignored by the authorities include but are not limited to ensuring publicity of the process of the Electoral Code preparation, reforms aimed at increasing the effectiveness of control over the voting procedure, suggestions related to mechanisms of appellation effectiveness and prevention of fraud.

You can find the table on OSCE/ODIHR recommendations and their inclusion in the Draft of the RA Electoral Code here (PDF).

“Union of Informed Citizens”

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