Summary of integrity interviews conducted by UIC with candidates for judges of Anti-Corruption Court of Appeal

As it is known, a specialized Anti-Corruption Court is being formed within the framework of the ongoing anti-corruption reforms in Armenia․ Preliminary interviews of the judges of Anti-Corruption Civil and Anti-Corruption Criminal Courts of Appeal were conducted by Vagharsh Aghabekyan, a representative of the Union of Informed Citizens NGO.

As a result of individual interviews by the representative of the Union of Informed Citizens, 16 out of 27 candidates for judges of the Anti-Corruption Courts of Appeal received a positive conclusion, 4 – a positive conclusion with reservations, and 7 candidates – a negative conclusion.

Prior to the interview with the UIC representative, the mentioned candidates for judges had been tested for integrity at the Corruption Prevention Commission, where out of 27 candidates, 14 received a positive conclusion, 8 – a positive conclusion with reservation, and 5 – a negative conclusion. And although the results of the Corruption Prevention Commission largely coincide with the conclusions of the representative of the Union of Informed Citizens, opinions on some of the candidates somewhat differed.

It should be noted that the main function of the anti-corruption civil court will be the investigation of cases of confiscation of property of illegal origin, and the anti-corruption criminal court will investigate corruption criminal cases.

Six of the 27 candidates will be appointed by the Supreme Judicial Council as judges of the Anti-Corruption Criminal Court and six as judges of the Civil Chamber.

The Union of Informed Citizens reaffirms the position that judges of the Anti-Corruption Court and, moreover, its Court of Appeal must meet the highest standards of integrity.

Union of Informed Citizens

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