Illegal fines and their appeal (animated video)

Annually traffic police writes more than a million traffic tickets. Some of them are appropriate, and some are not.

Anyone can appeal the decision taken against him/her, if he/she considers it is illegal. In the video we tried to present common unfair fines, appeals of which are mainly satisfied, as well as procedure for their appealing.

1. Drivers, who were fined for angular, non parallel to roadway parking in local road broadening, so called pocket, can certainly appeal the fine in court and achieve success if there was no sign which would force drivers to stand in parallel.

See: Article 23 Part 2 point b) of 1968 convention on road traffic

2. In Armenia, traffic lights with an additional section are often equipped the way that is difficult to perceive. Often a traffic light illuminates the green light and drivers who do not notice extinguished section enter the crossroad violating rules. Drivers can definitely appeal fines for ignoring the additional traffic lights section, because the prohibiting sign of the traffic light should be red and not just an extinct green.

See: Chapter 4 point 34 of RA government decision 1699-n

3. Drivers can certainly appeal the fines regarding running a red light in cases when the traffic light is not visible enough. A driver is not obligated to see the traffic light that is non-visible, dull or does not meet the other standards of visibility.

Moreover, in cases when the traffic ticket relating to traffic light was written using traffic enforcement camera and the traffic light physically is not visible on the video, the fine can also be appealed, because at some cross-roads in the capital entrance and repeater traffic lights do not work synchronously.

4. Courts also usually satisfy appeals, which relate to violation of speed limits in places formally considered as populated, but in fact deserted and unsettled areas, because populated area is not just a sign of a settlement, but its characteristics, for example, buildings.

See: Decision of court of cassation on case VD/3314/05/14

Remember that the decision can be appealed within 30 days after its receipt by applying to the head of traffic police or within 2 months by applying to administrative court. In both cases the appeal is free of charge. In order to appeal the decision of the patrol inspector it is desirable to write “do not agree” when receiving it. Appeal forms can be found on website.

Observe the traffic rules and appeal unfair fines.

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