“Independent Observer”. RA Parliamentary Elections April 2, 2017 Final Report

At its presentation held in Yerevan on June 13, 2017, the ‘Independent Observer’ Public Alliance presented the working version of the report prepared as a result of observing the RA NA elections of April 2, 2017 and the report was revised based on the comments and recommendations heard during the presentation.

The report summarizes the results of long-term and short-term observation conducted by “Independent Observer” Alliance. A separate reference to legal actions undertaken in relation to the electoral violations presented in the report was prepared separately. A summary of the reference is presented in the report.

The full report see HERE

The “Independent Observer” Public Alliance considers the RA National Assembly elections of April 2, 2017 as absolutely non-free and accompanied by gross infringements of RA citizens’ civil and political rights and recorded.

1․Many issues identified during the election campaign (widespread and organized abuse of administrative resources, unequal competition conditions for nominated parties and blocs), the atmosphere of impunity resulting from the improper reaction and inaction of the RA Central Election Commission, and the Police and other law-enforcement agencies all affected the Election Day.

2․ The desired results for the ruling party through its territorial candidates were ensured by vote-buying and other illegal means not prevented or examined properly by competent authorities so far.

3․ The RA National Assembly elections were accompanied by numerous and organized violations and widespread control over the voters.


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