Crime Elements in the Actions of Yerevan State University Guards: Incident Reported to the Police

On November 11, 2017, “Union of Informed Citizens” NGO reported a crime to the Central Department of the RA Police on the fact of YSU security and other employees closing the university doors. In particular, according to the report, the students of the university have been physically banned from leaving the institution and participating in the strike and peaceful assemblies organized by “For the Development of Science” public initiative. The copies of the report were also sent to the RA Investigative Committee, the Prosecutor’s Office and Head of the RA Police Vladimir Gasparyan.

The attention of the Police was directed to the circumstance that in that way the guards and other employees of the universities not only violate the right of organizing strikes and peaceful protests, but also commit a criminal offense by depriving the students of the freedom of movement.

The RA Constitution guarantees everobody’s right for freedom of movement and that of participating in peaceful protests. And depriving the person of freedom is defined as a criminal offense by Article 133 of the RA Criminal Code, and hindering participation in peaceful assemblies is a criminal offense according to Article 163 of the same Code.

The report requires that law enforcement officials carry out an investigation with the order established by law, reveal the cases of violations and crimes, find the real perpetrators and subject them to criminal liability. At the same time, it is expected that the RA Police will intervene so that hereinafter the university entrance doors are not closed, the students’ freedom of free movement is not limited, the students are not subjected to physical violence, and are able to have their peaceful strikes and assemblies.

“Union of Informed Citizens” 

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