“Union of Informed Citizens” in the context of ongoing democratic reforms in Armenia

Based on its statutory and strategic goals, the Union of Informed Citizens actively participates in the process of democratic reforms in Armenia.

In particular, the organization is involved in constitutional, anti-corruption, police, judicial and electoral reforms.

The organization has been represented in the implementation of constitutional reforms since February 2020 through Programs Coordinator Daniel Ioannisyan. A number of conceptual proposals related to democratic mechanisms and public participation in public administration have been submitted to the Commission on Constitutional Reforms.

Daniel Ioannisyan has been representing the organization in the Anti-Corruption Policy Council since July 2019. During this period, the Council, headed by the Prime Minister, received a number of proposals related to the declaration of assets actually used by public officials, media and political corruption, among other issues.

The NA Working Group on Electoral Reforms has been operating since May 2020. Artashes Sergoyan represents the “Union of Informed Citizens” in the group. A number of proposals have been submitted to the group, and a conceptual proposal for changes related to the voter lists has been drafted. As the Union of Informed Citizens is the only party involved in both electoral and constitutional reform, the organization is trying to be a bridge between the two bodies.

The representative of the organization in the Coordinating Council for Police Reforms (headed by the Prime Minister) is Daniel Ioannisyan. At the same time, Daniel Ioannisyan is also a member of the Admissions Committee of the Police Patrol Service. The “Union of Informed Citizens” has two members in the interview commissions under the Admissions Committee, represented by Arevik Simonyan and Artashes Sergoyan.

The Union of Informed Citizens nominated Anahit Manasyan, a lawyer and scientist, for Judicial Reform Assessment Commission set up within the framework of judicial reform, who was eventually elected to that position by the General Assembly of Judges in July 2020.

Union of Informed Citizens

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