A discussion was held on the topic “What preconditions are needed for quality elections?”

Yesterday, on December 29, a public discussion on electoral reforms took place at the Hilton Hotel in Yerevan.

Among the attendees were Hamazasp Danielyan, MP of the “My Step” faction of the National Assembly; Karen Simonyan, MP of the “Bright Armenia” faction; HCA Vanadzor representatives Vardine Grigoryan; UIC Program Coordinator Daniel Ioannisyan;and Vahagn Martirosyan from the “For the Republic” party.

The discussion focused on the necessary reforms needed to hold fair, free and transparent elections.

In particular, the reform of the law on parties was stressed, due to which the financing of parties will become more open and transparent, freeing the political field from “individuals-parties” and from political forces financed from specific sources.

Other systemic reforms were highlighted in the discussed as well, from the electoral and criminal codes to the Constitution, in order to really improve the electoral process and to make the political struggle substantive and programmatic.

It should be noted that an invitation was sent to both the parliamentary and extra-parliamentary forces to participate in the public discussion.


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