“Need for full adoption of electoral reforms” discussion held in Yerevan

On April 17, the public discussion ” Need for Full Adoption of Electoral Reforms” hosted by the Union of Informed Citizens NGO was held in Elite Plaza Business Center.

Representatives from the “My Step” and Bright Armenia” Factions of the National Assembly, as well as extra-parliamentary  ”For Armenia” Party, Sovereign Armenia Party, Union for National Self-Determination, Conservative Party,  Christian-Democratic Renaissance Party and  National Democratic Pole participated in the discussion.

Most of the participants stressed the need to adopt the full package of amendments to the Electoral Code sent to the Venice Commission for expert opinion in order to have a political, program-based, rather than a resource-based competition in the elections.

Some participants in the discussion considered the transition to a simple proportional electoral system problematic. In their opinion, the right of people to participate in the formation of party lists by voting for candidates was not taken into account.

The representatives of the political parties also presented their remarks on giving the citizens of the Republic of Armenia abroad the opportunity to vote, the efficiency of the work of the Central Electoral Commission, the electoral process and other issues.

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