Russian Propaganda in Nagorno Karabagh

The Russian propaganda machine is always distinguished by its so-called operative work. After hostilities were provoked by Azerbaijan on the border with Nagorno Karabagh Republic on April 2, it was expected that the “tentacles” of Russian propaganda would reach us somehow.

And we can say they did reach us. On April 4, the popular Russian LifeNews reported that an Azerbaijani military detachment had returned from Syrian Raqqa (which is considered the administrative center of the “Islamic State” terrorist group) in order to participate in military actions in Karabagh. The media source mentioned about 50-70 fighters who had reportedly returned to Azerbaijan through Turkey.

Tvzvezda and 3mv news websites, which are considered the non-formal militarist portals of Russian propaganda, had also made publications with similar content. Taking into account the specifics of Russian propaganda, we can assume that if the tension in the conflict zone continued, the Russian federal “microphones” would start to disseminate information on ISIS fighting in Nagorno Karabagh, and this would be accompanied by the remark that the Islamic State is a banned organization in Russia. Such a propaganda method was employed in spreading the misinformation about the rape of a Russian girl by refugees in Berlin. Another similar case was the misinformation about the 3-year old crucified child in the Ukrainian city of Slavyansk. All these reports were broadcast by Russian federal channels and were later denied.

The Purpose

As it has been mentioned above, whenever the Russian propaganda machine mentions about the “Islamic State” group, it always underlines that the latter is a banned organization in Russia.  And if it is banned, then you can and you should fight it. Just like in Syria, for instance. Nevertheless, in case of Nagorno Karabagh, the deployment of the so-called peacekeepers on the line of contact is more preferable for Russia. In fact, this Russia will ensure its military presence in the conflict zone, take over the control, obtain more levers of blackmail and pressure.

In addition to this, Russia pursues another aim in the present stage.

During the recent days, the justified anger of the Armenian society was targeted at the fact that Azerbaijan used modern arms purchased from Russia, such as the TOS-1A “Sontsepyok” system and “Smerch multiple rocket launch systems.

There is heavy discussion in Armenia regarding the expedience of the so-called partnership with Russia, facts emerge showing that Azerbaijan hasn’t even paid Moscow  for the aforementioned TOS-1As, people increasingly talk about CSTO losing its reputation. Against the backdrop of Russia’s current regional policy (which even arouses the anger of traditional “pro-Russian” people), they find it necessary to divert the public attention on other issues…  Islamic State, for instance. The hired Islamists who behead soldiers, torture old people and fire at their own retreating soldiers may create more noise than the Russian “Smerch” MRL systems. Well, that is what the Russian propaganda machine assumes.

In reality, the “Smerch” rockets that have hit Armenian lands speak of yet another failure of Russian propaganda because the propaganda rockets did not explode just like the anti-human arms prohibited by Dublin Convention.

Vahe Ghukasyan
“Union of Informed Citizens”

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