EEU membership won’t ease the life of migrant workers

There is an opinion in our society that joining the EEU will make the “labor” of Armenian migrants in Russia easier.

So we want to inform that nothing like that is intended by the treaty of Armenia’s membership in the Eurasian Economic Union. The only privilege, which is given to the migrants from the EEU member countries, is the right for free emergency medical assistance. No other privilege will be given to the citizens of Armenia in Russia.

And with the RF law on “Legal status of foreign citizens”, bureaucratic fuss of migrant workers has become more complicated since June. Since January 1, 2015 all the foreign citizens including Armenians, who want to work in the RF (or get residence permit) must pass a test, which will prove the knowledge of the person in Russian, the RF history and the RF Law.

So, migrant workers must pass an exam. What’s more, the migrants must pay 3000 rubles (about 27 thousand AMD) for that exam.

As you see Russian laws on migration change, but they don’t ease the process of getting work permit even for the EEU member countries.

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