Some district leaders supported the activities of the “helpers”.

During the interview with  the spokesmen of “Independent Observer” public initiative Daniel Ioannisyan mentioned that in many polling stations there are fake observers, who have fake certificates, but are not signed in Central Election Commission: “It’s quite a gross violation when the candidate is at the polling station. I think so. And there are some polling stations that have done this violation, such as 8/45, 10/28, 10/52. We’ve also seen pretty reliable shots of forcing violence on the observers and the representatives of mass media.” Daniel Ioannisyan said that the cases when they ‘help’ the voters in a really organized way are widespread. According to Daniel Ioannisyan, at some polling stations, the district leaders supported the ‘actions of the helpers’. He also mentioned that there were some minor violations such as overcrowdings at some polling stations: “The fake observers can’t even answer where they are from. Not even noticing the certificate of an observer hanging from their neck, they tell you they are not observers, but the proxies of the Republican Party.

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