Study visit for students of the European University

On December 8, Union of Informed Citizens organized the visit of the students of the Faculty of Law of the European University of Armenia to the RA Central Electoral Commission.

The students were received by commission members Arusyak Terchanyan and Silva Markosyan.

The main speaker was CEC Secretary Armen Smbatyan, who spoke about the structure of the CEC, the requirements for independence, impartiality and non-partisanship set out for the members, functions of the CEC, differences in electoral systems, oversight tools, including the compilation and publication of voter lists, the election process itself, the functions of other bodies and organizations in the electoral system, as well as the importance of participating in elections and the implications of not participating.

A detailed reference was made to pre-election campaigning, its period, financing, possibilities for oversight.

Mr. Smbatyan also addressed all the questions of interest to the students, which were related to the international best practice, the financing of elections, details of the electoral process, and restrictions on the right to vote.

The series of events is carried out with the support of Freedom House, within the framework of Advancing Democratic Culture in Armenia project.

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